reduce . reuse . recycle

What have you done to continue the celebration of America Recycles Day? Which, if you didn’t know when all of America celebrate Recycling, it’s November 15th! Stop using plastic water bottles for beginners and if you really can’t part with this putrid petroleum-based product at least, RECYCLE the damn things! Let’s just K.I.S.S. it and stick to the fundamentals; REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

I hope all ages young and old, know the simple fundamentals to going green. REDUCE consumption in your life, just stop going to the store all the time, every day. We started online Walmart deliveries because it reduces the temptation for my children to give into buying them every piece of clothing or toy, they set their eyes. REUSE is my own blast to the past and makes me relate to my grandmother who reused every glass jar and coffee can and to my mother reusing cardboard boxes into gravestones for the best Halloween haunted house to date. RECYCLING is the mundane process; empty, rinse, repeat, that we as Americans can do everyday to shift our lives toward a more sustainable society. Celebrate every day as America Recycles Day. If young, consider making your own t-shirt and reducing your expenses, getting Tupperware so you can reuse and not throw away so much Ziploc bags and RECYCLE clean, flattened cardboard, clean paper, rigid plastic, and of course metal, tin, steel and Aluminum!

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